a sturdy folk with sores

“The rich man  lived in luxury every day, while in his driveway, laid a poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, who longed with hunger. Even the dogs came and licked his sores.” And Jesus continues the narrative. “Both men died.  Lazarus escorted by angels to the ‘lap of Abraham.’  The rich man’s destiny:  hell, … Continue reading a sturdy folk with sores

Make a run for it (part II)

And my mind keeps going to the designated survivors…the 11 disciples when Christ’s body lay lifeless in a tomb.  The world disqualified Christ as King, even though he performed miracles and signs.  His dearest friends; Peter, John, and James, made a run for it…and who can blame them.  All their “ifs” came crashing down. This … Continue reading Make a run for it (part II)

No turning back

I am thinking of two specific events recorded in the gospels (John 2) which describe Jesus bearing religious tension and worldly pressure.  Like a vice tightening, he began his submissive walk into “being  lifted up,” for my sin and yours. It is at that wedding when Jesus accompanies his mother.”Dear woman why are you involving … Continue reading No turning back