I love you, except

Pretty soon the “I love you,” looks like; “I tolerate you.”  Next, it becomes; “I will not be responsible for you or even me.”  And then the rich young man parted ways with Christ. (Matthew 19) So let’s back up to the beginning.  “I love you” does not include ongoing owing nor does it hold … Continue reading I love you, except

“Man down!”

The combative imagery is a wounded man with rushing companions to his aid.  I have to wonder if this is not the same urgent cry in heaven when we stumble and crumble under the gravest pressures here on earth?  “Man down!” “Woman down, she’s down.”  God commands His angels to magnificently rush in.The overall adrenaline … Continue reading “Man down!”

Consider your audience

The best hope survives the worst tragedy.  “Occasionally, a not visibly severe event gathers into it all the pain and terror of existence, and our souls are undone.  Agony rolls down into our deepest heart, crowding out any experience of gladness or hope.  All is dark with darkness too thick to see even a pinpoint … Continue reading Consider your audience

At this time tomorrow,

Stop and envision that phrase, “At this time tomorrow__________.” Scarcity, fear, tolerance, vulnerability, and suspense clobber us like a dodge ball to the face: there is an immediate sting, swelling, and burn.  The phrase above is God reporting to Joshua, at this time tomorrow, I will hand you another city.  Do not be afraid. (Joshua … Continue reading At this time tomorrow,