Don’t lose heart

God takes you very seriously.  He has the universe timed perfectly; yet He will not demand we choose Him or His ways.  Holy power is His by authority.

We live in a culture that loves the ideas about love, peace and a higher power, but fuel only the fire of faith…having faith in faith; not faith in God.  Faith in a system, more intellect, more advances, more sustainability, more competencies and a little bit less heart each passing day.

The relevance of God is that our very existence hinges on Him, now and when we die.  Living without God is living without a beginning and an end.

Scripture tells us that our hearts store up who we are as a person.  Our hearts allow us to make decisions, connect with others, prioritize, protect, direct and fuel our passions.

I know people living in distressing pressures and circumstances that make themselves available for the survivors of the world’s bloodbath or assessment of fresh carnage.  These are the sturdy folk who don’t gasp or scream, but weep and pick up the pieces because they have just been there; most likely yesterday.  Sturdy folk have hearts that are warm, pliable, vulnerable, with God as their care-taker.  These folks are intelligent, wise, resourceful followers of Christ who make use of what they have.  And that may only be a half a cup spilling out as we speak.

don't lose heart.jpg


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