You might not want to read this.

There is no certainty for today.  In fact, that will be your new normal as a follower of Christ.  Faith carries uncertainty in its arms up the hill of sorrow.

Sturdy folk march without stopping when uncertainty is screaming its head off, “Are you sure?  are you sure?”

maps and mountains1443996264301-c81a3053d00a.jpg

Faith and persevering is standing on God’s faithfulness.  Faithful is who God is, not what our circumstances outline.

Tank, trash, and toss your attempt to make life reliable, safe and certain.

This is the life of surrender to believing God will continue to fill our ears with the sounds of his promises.  What God says- goes.  Mssg.  Psalm 92-93


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lydia says:

    Your words are ringin the bells of truth! Love this momma. xoxo


  2. wearlovenow says:

    Love this…faith isn’t for the faint hearted! Thanks for spurring us on, sweet Sister!


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