When we were all younger

I am alive and the 5 measurements that remind me that I am alive

5.  I met a stranger in the woods whose black lab pressed his nose into my hand.  The dog left a little, round wet spot on my palmblack lab.jpg

4.  The sound of my children’s voices soak deep.  They soothe, calm, and bring relief to  life’s sting

3.  I burnt my tongue on a bold, spicy swash of coffee and loaded it with heavy, white whirlpools of cream.  I watched it swirl

2.  My knees hurt and occasionally make a “clicking” sound when I walk.  My knees didn’t used to do that.

1.  Every morning my alarm sounds and I wish I could have more sleep. I move about in the dark to my chair, and You are always there waiting.

These are 5 invitations to measure how awake and alive we are beyond a medical definition.  But if you have ventured on a journey of caring for an elderly parent, the measurements have a heavy-hearted outcome when the tasting, hearing, seeing and mobility begin to fade.  I noticed sleep is a regular activity.

I long to refresh, revive and refuel my parents.  No matter what us kids try, we just can’t. We just can’t make it better and bring them back to awake and fully alive.  This is perhaps one of the mysteries in life our parents protected us from when we were all younger.


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